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Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains | jaMo Threads

What drives us?

At jaMo Threads we believe that use of outdoor spaces for recreation and relaxation are of upmost importance to individuals and our society. In this belief, we know that a stronger voice for responsible land use and development will come from increased participation in outdoor recreation. The more that we get out and appreciate the beauty and fragility of our natural spaces, the larger and more unified our voice to protect it will become.

This is what inspires us at jaMo Threads, the opportunity to build a community of outdoor enthusiasts while crafting functional, long-lasting, wearable products that enable individuals and families to get out in any condition.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products because we believe that when gear works and lasts, you’ll get out more.

Protect Yourself from Air Pollution Particulates with the
Inversion Neck Gaiter

The Inversion 2.0 is a unique air filtration neck gaiter that offers
the protection of a mask with the attractive look of a neck gaiter.
It provides multiple layers of protection against particulate matter,
including a layer of activated carbon.
Our new masks meet all filtration requirements of an N95 mask and
is a great solution for air pollution, dust, mold and other
harmful airborne particulates.

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