Raising Outdoor Kids

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Raising Outdoor Kids

Winter Hiking with Kids, Getting Outside, jaMo Threads
Fall Hike with kids, getting outside, jaMo Threads

Getting out for a nature walk and to see the fall leaves

You love the outdoors and want to pass on that love and raise outdoor kids. When kids are young sometimes getting out hiking, camping or skiing can feel overwhelming and honestly, like more work than fun. But all hope is not lost. Here are some ideas for raising outdoor kids that will keep things fun for everyone in the family.

Start small   

When you first start getting out with your kids try not to push them too hard. Consider shorter excursions that they can feel successful about completing. If they have a positive experience, it’s more likely they will be excited about your next adventure. Consider how they have handled themselves in their outdoor experiences before taking things to the next level.

Remember…it’s about the journey, not the destination

So you’ve decided to tackle a big hike with the kids and suddenly things take a turn. You know what, it’s okay! Don’t get so wrapped up in your original plan that you fail to see it might be time for plan B. When you have younger kids, they will want to stop to play and explore. Maybe you won’t make it to your final destination, but when all is said and done the experience will be a positive one. That’s a win.

Cave Hike with Kids, Getting Outside, jaMo Threads

Stopping to let the kids explore a cave during a hike in Southern Utah


Get out even when weather is NOT permitting

You had plans to get out but it’s pouring rain. That’s okay, go anyway. The elements are always going to be part of what you deal with in the outdoors and it’s best that kids get used to that right away. Make sure they have weather appropriate clothing to keep them comfortable and it’s likely they won’t even notice…or better yet they will have the best time jumping in those huge mud puddles.


Keep kids informed

The unknown is scary for anyone. Before you set out on any adventure, take the time to explain to your kids exactly what you are doing and what they can expect. If kids understand that you wouldn’t do anything you didn’t think they could handle, they will automatically be in a better state of mind. Also inform them about what is expected from their behavior. It’s okay to for them voice their concerns and ask questions, but not to whine. Sadly you will probably still get some of the latter.


These tips can help get you on your way to having outdoor kids!

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